With all the excitement of UFC 225 there a couple things to take away from the weekend’s event. Here is me having a little fun trying to do Sean Shelby’s job for him.

Alistar Overeem- The loser of the Derrick Lewis vs Francis Ngannou should be next for Alistar. Although he didn’t put on the worst preformance, he was victim of yet another knock out. If Lewis loses its a great test for what would be a falling career for Overeem and if Ngannou loses it makes for a rematch that i do not think anybody would complain about.

Curtis Blades- Curtis should fight the winner of that same fight, Ngannou vs Lewis. Blades is on a 4 fight win streak in the UFC over elite fighter like Mark Hunt and Alistar Overeem. If he falls short of his title shot for now i think this would be 100% a title eliminator fight with the winner fighting the champion next. Although he is more likley to get the call for the title fight if Cormier beats Stipe. At this point Daniel would appear to be unstopable and the UFC would be forced to throw a elite wrestler at him.

Tai Tuivasa- This is yet another young heavyweight on the come up. With a lot of the heavyweights ahead of him already being booked for the upcoming future i would say the best prediction would be that his next fight will be against Alexander Volkov. So long as Volkov doesn’t get the next call for the title i think Tai would be the best match-up for him. Volkov is a great striker with crazy reach. Tuivasa on the other hand is a straight savage and will win at any cost. If Alexander does get the call for the title shot i think Tai should wait till closer to the end of this year and fight the winner of either JDS vs Blagoy Ivanov or Marcin Tybura vs Stefen Struve. Any one of those 4 fighters will be Tuivasa’s toughest fight to date and will be extremely exciting to see.

Andri Arlovski- Only winning 2 out of his last 5 fights, all three of his losses coming to young up and coming heavyweights, i feel as though he should challenge himself and fight another young guy. Justin Willis is the first name that comes to mind. On a 3 fight win streak in the UFC, this would be a great chance for Arlovski to redeem himself and stop the hype train that is Justin Willis.

Holly Holm- In her post fight interview in the octagon she made it clear that winning her 135 belt back was the top thing on her to-do list. With all respect to Holm 135 is her natural division. She doesn’t have a problem getting to 135 and she is more in the bantamweight body frame. I say Dana should give her what she wants and let her fight Amanda Nunez for the women’s Bantamweight title.

Rafael Dos Anjos- Coming off this loss to Covington i think he should have to fight Steven Thompson or Darren Till. My first choice would be Darren Till if i am the matchmaker because Till just beat wonder boy. On the other hand Dana might feel that the Till fight with Thompson was so close that Thompson gets the fight because of how new to the company Till is. Till has already stated that he doesn’t care who he fights next and that he is okay with Thompson getting the crack at the loser of the Interim fight.

Yoel Romero- Next fight should be either Daniel Cormier or llir Latifi at Light Heavyweight. Its not any breaking news that Romero is having a lot of trouble making 185. With the move up to 205 in the near future, a fight with elite wrestlers is the best fight to make for him in that division. He gets Cormier if he loses to Stipe, if not Dana will more then likely look to give him Latifi.

Robert Whittaker- For me this was pretty easy, his next opponent will be Chris Weidman. It was between Weidman and Gastlem for me and being as though Weidman’s last fight was a win over Gastlem it makes it pretty obvious that he should get the next crack at the belt.




The New York Knicks have landed the 9th pick in this years NBA draft. This years draft is stoked with a lot of talent in both of the first two rounds. This year the Knicks have been blessed with an early 2nd round pick along with their 9th overall pick. I feel like the Knicks have a couple of different options this year and I am very excited to see what happens.

Scenario number one would have to be we keep the number 9 pick. Although the draft class this year is deep the best of the best will more then likely  be taken in the first 6 pick.

First option: Wendell Carter is our best possibility at the 9th spot. To me he seems like one of the more NBA ready rookies in this years draft. He also plays the Power Forward position witch is a position where we will be needing a little help this season especially if Kristaps will be missing the better part of next season.

Second Option: Trae Young, he reminds me of a younger Steph Curry. He’s a great shooter, and has also verbalized that he would love to come to New York. Everyone knows I love a player that wants to be in New York. Although we would have an abundance of Point Guards on the roster, I feel like the fast past offence David Fizdale runs will allow for us to have more Guards.

Third Option: Mikel Bridges , He’s a good Wing player, Great at filing lanes and running the court. The Knicks only position they need to fill unless Kanter and Oquinn  both opt out , is Small Forward. There can be no argument that Mikel will be the best available SF by the time the 9th spot rolls around.

Scenario 2: The Knicks trade Courtney Lee, Daymen Dodson and our second round pick for the Grizzles 4th overall pick. This would give us the 4th and 9th pick in the NBA draft and would give them the power to fill two starting positions If they needed to.

First Option: Michael Porter Jr, Even though the kid has dealt with some injury issues and to some people that hurts his draft stock. I see the 2nd best small forward in the NBA draft. He’s 6’10” 210 lbs and plays like Kevin Durant. He was the Best high school player in the country only a year or so ago.

Second Option: Mohamed Bamba, The 7 foot tall Center will be exactly what the Knicks need if they lose either Enes Kanter or Kyle Oquinn in free agency this offseason. One of the top shot blockers he nation last year he will be exactly what the Knicks need on defense.

Third Option: Marvin Bagley III, I saved the best option for last. Atlanta Picks third and they need a Power Forward. They just drafted a franchise Center in John Collins and they also have a young star in Prince at the small forward. So if the Knicks get the 4th pick they may luck out and get Marvin Bagley III , The best Small forward in this years draft.


At 23 years of age i have only seen a little over half of the 90’s. I want to start by saying that is why i chose the players i chose for the Knicks overall dream team.

At starting Point Guard: Stephon Marbury (03-08)

Although the early 90’s had John Starks, i feel like Marbury did more for the franchise then Starks did. Honestly though im more then likely being bias due to the fact that i watched more of Marbury being that i was older when he was on the Knicks. Defensively he has 277 steals in only his 4 seasons with the knicks. Although i think the clear starter hear is either Marbury or Starks, the Knicks went on a tear were they had a bunch of point guard legends in Baron Davis, Jason Kidd, and Mike Bibby just to name a few.

At starting Shooting Guard: Allan Houston (96-05)

Not alot of competition for Houston being as though he was the Knicks main guy for nearly a decade. Needless to say id say his closest competition would have to be my all time favorite NBA player Jr Smith. His short lived Knicks Career was filled with 6th man of the year awards and highlight reels.

At starting Small Forward: Carmelo Anthony(11-17)

Easily argued that he is one of the best scorers to ever put on a Knicks uniform. Defineitely a shoe-in for the Knicks dream team. Never averaged 20 points or under in any season he played with the Knicks. He was also the scoring champ for the entire NBA for the 2012-2013 season. The only other SF i would put in a class with Melo is Anthony Mason (RIP). Anthony Mason is a Knicks Legend who did not play far into the 90’s but i still felt the need too put him on this list as a notable mention.

At Starting Power Forward: Charles Oakley (92-98)

In his six years for the Knicks Charles brought a bad boy persona for the New York Knicks. Never being much of a scoring threat, he was a nightmare defensively. You did not want to come in the paint in the garden because if you did you were in for a very long night. One notable mention i will say is Kristaps Porzingis. Although he has only been with the team for 3 seasons he is a future star of the league. In five years i personally believe that we will be talking about Porzingis in the same conversation with Lebron James If given the option id for sure have Kristaps as the Knicks dream team 6th man.

At starting Center: Big Patrick Ewing (92-00)

Patrick was one of few Knicks stars that was actually drafted by the Knicks. Ewing averaged a double-double for the first 6 seasons of him playing on the Knicks. Also never averaging below 22 points per game in his first 6 seasons with the team. Ewing was the face of the knicks for almost a decade same as Houston. One honorable mention id say for center would be Tyson Chandler. Chandler was a great compliment to Carmelo Anthony and Amare Stoudmire during their run in blue and orange. He brought alot of defensive play along with great rebounding kind of like the great Pat Ewing.

I know im a knicks fan and all, but id have to say this team all the players in their prime id say could beat any team any amount of times on any day. Truly unstoppable, the ultimate dream team.




-The BlogManMan


Chris Long has done a lot in his career that makes him a pioneer for equal education and opportunity.                                                                                            Long has showed much contribution towards youth education within the last few years especially. Famous quote from long reads “I believe education is the best gateway to a better tomorrow for everyone in america”. Making his agenda clear, i first took notice to Chris Long early in 2017. Long donated his first 6 game checks to sending kids in his hometown of Charlottesville,VA to college and the rest of his 10 game checks to charities that support education equality and opportunity.                                                                                                                                                     In 2018 Chris Long matched the donations of other NFL players to raise an additional 1.75M for educational programs. Then we have our more recent gesture. Long and teammate Lane Johnson created motivational t-shirts for the Eagles playoff run and donated all proceeds  to Philadelphia schools. Regardless how you view the mans actions we should all realize that Chris Long is a very smart human being with a great head on his shoulders. The future depends on how well we evolve as a human species. The only way we can do that is by giving the youth that comes after us more then we had. Chris Long realizes that although he might have got a good education, went to college, and made it to the NFL, not every kid in the world got that opportunity. Its great to see that Chris Long wants to take action and take steps to making sure every kid in the world gets a good education.                                                                                                                                                      At the end of the day Mr.Long and i have the same view of this countries future witch is why i classify him as a pioneer in equal education and opportunity.   http://www.philly.com/philly/sports/eagles/philadelphia-eagles-chris-long-donated-paychecks-charity-20171019.html                                                                                                                                                              TheBlogManMan

Lately the ball family has been in the media like crazy, mainly because of the father Lavar Ball. Lavar has three sons, Lonzo, Liangelo, and LaMelo. Lonzo the oldest son has just been drafted 2nd overall in this past NBA draft. Liangelo the middle son would be starting his freshman year of college this year and youngest son LaMelo would be going into his junior year of high school.

As of late Lavar has been receiving a lot of controversy for two reasons in particular.

  1. Liangelo went to jail in china for shoplifting while he was supposed to be there playing in a tournament with his team. He was then released from jail and returned to the states. The President Donald Trump has made it clear that he thinks he is the reason Liangelo was released from the Chinese prison. Upon returning to the US UCLA held a press conference where Ball was to thank Mr Trump for bringing him home. Later Lavar told media he believes Trump had nothing to do with it and pulled Liangelo from UCLA for making him be apart of the press conference.
  2. LaMelo was told he would be ineligible to play college basketball because of his family sponsor Big Baller Brand (BBB). College players are not aloud to get paid while they are in school. As a result Lavar pulled him out of high school also.  After being pulled out of school, LaMelo and Liangelo are informed by Lavar that they will be moving to Lithuania to play professionally overseas. This is where the controversy begins, take your kids out of school to leave the US and play pro? In my opinion, this was the best move for Lavar to do with the situation him and his family were in. He is very vocal saying he wants all three of his sons to play of the Lakers and this power move can only help that cause. Id say Melo and Gelo play in Lithuania for about 2 years and then they both enter the NBA draft. Some people see a father that is selfish for making a brand for his sons. In my eyes that is the greatest thing he could ever do. He seen his sons were good at something and he branded his family. He made working out and getting better the thing to do in his house. Lavar Ball ran a mini military. Yes they are teenagers/young men and are probably a little rebellious at time but that family is ran like the kids are the soldiers and Lavar is the general. At the end of the day everything Lavar is doing is showing effort in trying to make his sons future more bright then it already is. How can we decide that caring for his kids future makes him a bad father? Lesson to all , Stop Judging Lavar and work on your kids future. Regardless of what you have to do work on making their life a little bit easier when they get older. That should be the ultimate goal for every parent. Lavar Ball is a GREAT father .

Written by: Michael Lynch

Currently in my 9-5 job entitles me to travel for long periods of time every day, being at this job for going on 5 years now i have had to find ways to pass the time while on many of road trips to prevent myself from going crazy ! Here are 4 ways i have learned work for me while on long drives or road trips.

  1. Podcasts:                                                                                                                                                                                         I myself love many different kinds of music. Although the types of music i like are more old school types of music, therefore the type of music i like doesn’t come out as often as it used to. That being said after listening to the same music for a certain amount of time you get tired of it and look for other ways to entertain yourself. The reason more and more people are starting to enjoy podcasts on road trips is because it allows you to feel like your watching people have a conversation without ever seeing them. If your listening to a good enough podcast it should almost feel like you are in the room having the conversation with them. Speaking of podcasts go check mine out on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1B91Ua5iOShHtu0Su1MysA
  2.  Talking on the phone:                                                                                                                                                               In states that its legal, it is good to talk on the phone to keep yourself occupied and awake while on your long road trips. Its always good to communicate and i bet everyone can think of a family member or friend that they don’t talk to on a day to day basis that they would like to catch up with or just stay in touch with. What better time then when your doing nothing but watching the lines on the highway pass you by.
  3. Visit places:                                                                                                                                                                                    Say i am on a business trip heading from Brooklyn NY to Boston MA. Not that bad of a trip only 4 hours, at first glance you think drive straight threw get there as fast as possible. Although if you have no reason to rush why would you? Before your trip research monuments or other interesting stops in your route, not only does it serve as entertainment to you it also serves as a goal your setting for yourself. I’ve noticed that on road trips it is good to divide up your drive so that you have times to look forward to on your drive. For example if your monument is only 2 hours and 30 mins into your 4 hour drive, it lets you look forward to a short 2.5 hour drive instead of dreading a full 4 hour drive. Driving is also not the greatest thing for your health so a rest stop to get out and stretch is good for you regardless of what you stop to do.
  4. Audio Books:                                                                                                                                                                          Even though i never got into audio books, similar to podcasts they can prove to be a good source of entertainment that doesn’t require you to watch something but instead to listen to something.                                 I hope you have found this blog useful and again if ever road tripping make sure to check the podcast out:          The BBQ Pit Live-Youtube                                  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N4DMYbM4m4s

The use of low kicks also known as leg kicks are very effective for a variety of ways. On a MMA stand point there a couple different reasons you would want to use leg kicks. One of those reasons is you being the longer fighter, if your opposition is smaller in length then you are then it is a known fact that they would like to get in close since they cant reach you from certain distances. To hold your opposition at range is to keep them at the end of your leg kicks. In order to do so you would need to strike your oppositions legs with the bottom of your shin or the top of your foot. Another time a MMA fighter would need to use leg kicks would be if they were fighting a power puncher. For the most part power punchers lean with a lot of pressure on their lead leg. Delivering hard leg kicks throws off their balance and if hard enough could also make it hard for them to walk on the particular leg or even make them change their stance and have to stand with their power hand as their jab hand. Now if you aren’t into MMA but you want to be prepared for everyday situations, weather it be getting jumped or just being in a one on one altercation it is still very advisable to learn how to properly throw leg kicks. The most important leg kick in every day situations would be oblique kicks in my personal opinion. Unlike normal leg kicks that come like a swinging motion from the side that strikes with that top of your leg on the inside or outside of your opponent’s leg, an oblique kick is delivered with the bottom of your foot to the top of the shin/knee. As i was growing up my father always taught me that if you are ever being jumped your only objective should be to cut the numbers down, in other words start taking people out of the fight. The best way to do so is by inflicting injury. As messed up as that sounds if you think about it in a situation where multiple people are attacking you when you are alone, there aren’t many other ways to escape the attack unharmed. By throwing oblique kicks towards someones knee while they apply pressure on their leg can cause a high risk of that person hyper extending or even tearing ligaments their knee. Check out the link below to see more videos on the effectiveness of leg kicks in MMA and also in everyday situations.


The bulls traveled to New York to take on the knicks on January 10,2018. A interesting match up between two young teams that have showed glimpses of promise throughout this season. The Bulls with there young speed guard combo of Kris Dunn and Jerin Grant, with key role players like Justin Holiday, Nikola Mirotic, and Denzel Valentine. Their biggest addition though has definitely been the teams rookie, Lauri Markkanen. Shooting the most made threes per game then any rookie has ever and carrying the bulls team on his back with the absence of Mirotic tonight would show to be the reason we got to experience the game that we did. The Knicks are also trying to build their team threw the fountain of youth. Making the star of the team third year player Kristaps Porzingis, hes showed he is the right guy to build the knicks franchise around. With the offseason additions of Michael Beasley and Enes Kanter the Knicks offensive game has been almost unstoppable when the three are healthy. Rookie Frank Ntilikina and second year player Ron Baker are Blossoming Frank as a defensive pest and Baker as a scrappy SG that plays with alot of heart. The game tonight went to Double OT and the bulls ending up winning the game 122-119. All through out the game the bulls had no answer for Michael Beasley, on the other hand the Knicks also had no answer from bulls big man Lauri Markkanen. Eventually a couple of poor shot choices and turnovers is what came to the demise of the knicks on this night. I must say as a knicks fan myself i always hate seeing us lose but it was good to see the fight they had in them and it was also good seeing that the team dosen’t have to rely on just one star player. At any time any point of the season anybody on the roster can have a good night. Check the stats:

Bulls 122  Knicks 119

Knicks :

Beasley: 26pts 12rbds

Jack: 16pts 10rbd 10asts

Porzingis: 24pts 6rbds 4blk



Markkanen: 33pts 10rbds



Valentine: 20pts 9rbds

Lopez: 20pts 7rbds 

The New York Knicks are a young NBA team that is supposed to be in their first year of a rebuild this season with the recent trading of star forward Carmelo Anthony. The Knicks along side star forward Kristaps Porzingis have different thoughts in mind, sitting at 9th in the east at the moment they are in great position to make a late season run at the playoffs. Here are 6 ways i believe the Knicks can get there.

  1. Kristaps Porzingis needs to get out of his “tired” slump: Kristaps Porzingis has recently been is some heat as he admitted that the pressure of New York is getting to him and he is getting tired early in the season before the all star break. Impressing everyone in the beginning of the season with multiple 20-30 point games, he has significantly slowed down. His reasoning for this is that with the star role he is taking over he believes it is making his body tired and this is cause of his poor play.
  2. Enes Kanter needs to play like he wants a max contract: early preformances such as his christmas day game were he scored 31pts and 22rbds. He also is slowing down as of late scoring under 18 and getting less then 9rbds in his last 3 games. Although he is playing efficiently, his spark on offence is desperately needed with Porzingis playing the way he is.
  3. Tim Hardaway JR comes back from injury: Tim hardaway has been injured the entire month of December and has still not returned. I firmly believe that when Tim makes his return our offensive production will go way up and this can result in us getting the wins we need to get into the playoffs.
  4. Michael Beasley becomes more consistent: When playing with a good amount of minutes Michael Beasley has shown that he can  carry the knicks on his back. For example on a night where Beasley plays 15 mins he scores 6pts and 5rbds, another example is him getting 13mins and scoring 6pts and 2rbds. On the other end of the spectrum when the knicks foward played 26mins he scored 18pts and 9rbds. On another night when he played 25 mins he scored 20pts and 9rbds. Its obvious that when he plays more mins he can carry the scoring load for the knicks, in other words KEEP BEASLEY IN THE GAME.
  5. STAY HEALTHY: This season the Knicks have been plagued with injuries with Hardaway being out since the beginning of December, Frank the rookie was injured for about the first 5-8 games,and Kristaps and Enes have also had to miss a couple games of piece due to minor injuries. With all these key players healthy i believe the Knicks have a good chance and competing in the east.
  6. Rookies keep improving: The G- League is a great place, Dotson, Baker, and Burke are all improving in a big way playing in the G-league. The Improvement that Frank is showing us is in his defense and in his shot choice. He has always been a great defensive player but in the beginning of the season he had a thing for taking ill advised shots, now a days he has seemed to get his head wrapped around what shots to and not to take. Dotson showed flashes of a great wing man in his early games with the Knicks. Growing in the G-league is doing good for him as he has improved his speed and ball handling, hopefully making the knicks a threat in the years to come.



The BlogManMan

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