5 Places to eat while on East Coast US.

In my 23 years of life i have traveled many places, mostly along the east coast. Here are 5 places to eat if you ever find your self on the east coast of the united states.

  1. Di Fara Pizza: 1424 avenue J, New York. Operated since 1964 by Mr. Papa Pizza himself, one of the most original New York style pizzas you can get in the beautiful state of New York. Papa Pizza is originally from Italy witch is where his rich traditional Italian flavor comes from.
  2. Sonny’s Famous Steaks: 228 Market st, Philadelphia PA. 100% Angus beef sliced in house with fresh mozzarella, you should only eat the best while on your vacation. Sonny’s prides themselves as “The best Cheese steak in Philly”.
  3. Lenny’s New York Pizza: 1456 ocean shore blvd, Ormond Beach FL. Having ate at many pizza places in Florida i must say that Lenny’s comes the closest to emulating a New York slice inside the state of Florida.
  4. Michael’s Pizza 1701 N Kings hwy, Myrtle Beach SC. Living in SC for the majority of my adult life i can say i have tried up to 1,000 different pizza joints in South Carolina, although there are some places that are close, Michael’s has the closest taste to a original New York Slice. Also a quick 5 minute walk to the beach makes for a great bite to eat after a day on the Beach.
  5. Michelangelo’s: 794 Main st Center Moriches NY. Di Fara might have the best pizza in the city but Michelangelo’s takes the island by a long shot. Pizza in the city and on the island are only slightly different ,but in my personal opinion Long island pizza is a little better then city pizza.                                                                        Always eat the best. If your as passionate about your pizza and cheese steaks as i am make sure you choose these places to eat on the east coast, you wont regret it.


I am currently in New York with my family, will be back home and operating by Monday, that being said i will not be able to do a fight companion for the  Bisbing v Gastelum card.

The following week the UFC will have two nights of combat, friday being the ultimate fighter finale and Saturday being UFC 218. Normally we would do the podcast for the PPV but in this case we will  just do a fight companion for the finale and either during or after we will be giving our predictions for the PPV.

Right back on schedule  the following Saturday Dec.9th With fight night in Fresno California. We will be doing a live podcast for Ortega v Swanson tune in to THE BBQ PIT LIVE on youtube.

Dec 16th UFC on FOX Dos Anjos v Lawler is shaping up to be my favorite card of December, i will be counting the days until we get to do the podcast for this card. This podcast will also be done live @ THE BBQ PIT LIVE on youtube. Title contender fight and a Mike Perry fight in the same night ? what more could you ask for , Going to be one for the ages kids.

See you soon Mothafuckas – Frank, Easy and the Gang

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