UFC 232 moves to California on 7 days notice

UFC 232 was slated to be at the T-Mobile arena this Saturday December 29th. Instead on 7 days notice the UFC has decided to move the event to The Forum in Inglewood California. Following the recent news that small trace amounts of the drug turinabol have been found in Jon Jones’ system. Jones who is slated to be the main event of UFC 232, previously popped for the same substance after his fight with Daniel Cormier almost a year and a half ago. The move to California comes because the NSAC refused to allow Jones to fight there. The California state athletic commission sees no point to punish Jones a second time for his actions and will allow UFC 232 to take place at The Forum.


Andy Foster, The head of the CSAC explained it well by saying ” The metabolite that was found in this last test is the same metabolite that was found in the test from 2017″. Meaning both of the samples are from the same occurrence. A very similar situation took place with NBA player Allonzo Trier and the NCAA. In 2016 Trier was popped for Turinabol and was suspended. The NCAA later determined that Trier unknowingly ingested the substance and therefore reinstated him. Then in early 2018 he was suspended again for the same drug. After reviewing the case and determining that it was the same Metabolite, he was once again reinstated by the NCAA.┬áBeing as though Turinabol stays in your system for 12-18 months, its very believable that both of these athletes could have accidentally ingested the drug, and then accidentally popped for the same reason a short time later.


The move to California is at a disturbance to both the fans and the fighters. The fighters who come from all over the world, will now have to fly again from Vegas to California. They will also have to pay a huge tax on the money they take home. Not to mention the fans, for the ones who purchased tickets to UFC 232 will now be refunded. Fans who booked hotels will now have to pay fees to cancel their rooms. Thousands of dollars spent in redirecting flights from Vegas to California. The entire situation has come out to be a disaster to everyone except the UFC. Reason being is that although they will lose money on the gate of the event, this brings a lot of publicity to the event and also keeps their main attraction on the card. Their only other alternative option would be for them to find a new opponent on a weeks notice. Even if they did, Jones is looking at 400k PPV buys easy. Anyone else in that slot can do no more then 300k and the UFC knows that.



Written by Michael @ the BBQ Pit

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