4 mistakes made by Golden Boy MMA with Ortiz-Liddell 3

Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz fought this past Saturday, and yes it is 2018. Oscar De La Hoya and Golden Boy promotions moved into MMA putting on the third fight between Liddell and Ortiz. On the under card was legend of the sport Tom Lawlor fighting Deron Winn. To open the card Golden Boy showed a hand full of amateur fights that started about an hour before the main card.

The first mistake was made by the California state athletic commission. Although as fans, seeing Liddell back in the cage was a surreal feeling, he is 48 years old. He moves significantly slower then he did when he last fought 8 years ago. He also can be seen having trouble standing before the fight even started. In the poor condition that he was in on the night of the fight i could only imagine what the commission saw when they evaluated Chuck.

The second mistake was made by both Oscar De La Hoya and Tito Ortiz. Before the fight took place Oscar can be on record saying that if fighters wanted to be paid better they should come to Golden Boy MMA where he plans to “pay his fighters what they deserve. That promise was then seconded by Tito Ortiz after he won his fight. He hinted at he would be teaming up with Golden boy as a partner. He then promoted the show and invited fighters that wanted to be treated right to come sign there. The problem is that although the main event fighters were paid well, 250k and 200k, nobody else on the card made more then 10k. You can open the card in the UFC and make more then 10k, but they promote by saying that they will be paying better then other organization.

The third being that Golden Boy only signed fighters to one fight deals. In every one of the post fight interviews, everyone of the fighters had no idea what they were doing next with their career. You would think if he was looking to start his own promotion that he would promote fighters that he has signed under contract. Here we are though couple days after the fight and Golden Boy promotion has zero fighters under contract.

The forth yet smallest mistake they made was they under promoted it. They only held one press conference , and chose not to have a filmed live weight in. Only showing the stare downs the day before the fight. They did it in a unique way but Ortiz-Liddell should have been way bigger then it was. Even though they were up in age, at the tail end of their careers, they had one of the biggest rivalries in UFC history.

Do us a favor Oscar and Tito, Leave mma in Dana and Scott’s hands.

Mike Lynch




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