Carmelo Anthony Surprise Trade Destinations

Carmelo Anthony has been told by the Houston Rockets front office that he will no longer be needed in Houston. They have also publicly stated that they do not plan to release him to free agency as they would have to swallow his 2 million. Trading him would be a long shot because he is only worth about two million in cap space and the only teams that should go after Carmelo are middle of the road teams. These teams wont have much to offer Houston in exchange for Carmelo.

Option 1: Charlotte HornetsĀ 

The trade would have to be along the lines of Carmelo for Dwayne Bacon and Malik Monk. Houston would be getting two young guards that contracts will expire soon. On the other end Charlotte puts the eggs in the Carmelo Anthony basket and pair him up with Kemba Walker. If Carmelo can play like he did in New York or Denver he would be great along side Kemba and Lamb.

Option 2: Los Angles Lakers

Michael Beasley is coming of one of the best statistical years of his career playing for the Knicks. Upon arrival with the Lakers he has received little to no playing time and has expressed his unhappiness with the team. At this stage in his career he would still be a great play maker off the bench. While Carmelo being teamed up with the great LeBron James could be exactly what the Lakers need to take that next step. A straight swap should also work out for both teams involved.

Option 3: New Orleans PelicansĀ 

Carmelo Anthony for Frank Jackson and Cheick Diallo. Its hard seeing Houston take this trade unless they have a good bit of picks coming with it. That being said it would be good to develop another young 20 year old guard under Chris Paul and James Harden while also getting some help down low in the paint. While on the other side of the coin , Carmelo would be teamed up with Jrue Holiday and Anthony Davis in New Orleans and that would give them the push they need to some what contend in the west.

Option 4: Dallas MavericksĀ 

The Mavs have a great core of young talent as well. If they gave up Max Kleber, Jalen Brunson and some picks the Rockets would be inclined to take it for the same reason as the Pelicans trade. They would be getting more youth at both the Guard and Forward positions. While Dallas would get Carmelo Anthony ten time NBA all star, to team up with a legend in Dirk Nowitzki. Young talented guards like Luka Doncic and Dennis Smith Jr. Not to mention his Team USA teammate DeAndre Jordan playing center. This would actually work out great because Carmelo would fit right in the starting lineup in Dallas.

Projected Lineup:

PG: Smith Jr

SG: Doncic

SF: Barnes

PF: Carmelo

C: Jordan



Written By: Mikey D


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