Re-Drafting the top 10 picks in the 2017 NBA draft

1.  Philadelphia 76ers- Jayson Tatum 


Knowing what we know now Tatum was arguably the best rookie in this years NBA draft. I chose Tatum over Mitchell simply because the sixers already have Ben Simmons who is Ball dominant, as Tatum plays very well off the ball.

2. LA Lakers- Donovan Mitchell

Mitchell is an obvious choice for the Lakers. They originally chose Lonzo Ball, so its obvious they wanted a good NBA ready PG from this draft and the best PG in this draft is Donovan Mitchell. Sorry Lavar but if Magic would have seen it coming Mitchell would be in purple and gold not lonzo.

3. Boston Celtics- Lauri Markkanen

If Tatum would have been off the board i believe the Celtics would have picked a shooting big man. No need to sign a Guard with the signings of Gordon Hayward and Kyrie Irving that off-season they would need more depth at the forward positions.

4. Phoenix Suns- Lonzo Ball

Even though in my opinion Kyle Kuzma was a better rookie then Lonzo ball this past year, the Suns just signed young Power Forward Marquese Chriss the year prior. Since they already had that project in the making i feel they would have used that spot to grab their Point Guard of the future.

5. Sacramento Kings- Kyle Kuzma

Kuzma has proved himself to be a great scorer and rebounder in his rookie season in the NBA. He would have grown a lot being able to be mentored by Zach Randolph, one of the best PF to ever play in the NBA.

6. Orlando Magic- Denis Smith Jr.

They traded their starting PG, Elfrid Peyton to the Suns this past year witch would have opened up a spot for smith to shine like he did his rookie season with the Mavs. Imagine the ticket sales from the Magic games that season being able to watch Dennis Smith Jr and Aaron Gordon every night would be a sight to see.

7. Chicago Bulls- Markelle Fultz

Fultz dropped from 1 to 7 simply because he missed most of his rookie season. Then on top of that when he did come back he had a few solid games and then the coach decided to rest him in the playoffs. He did show a lot of promise making him a good project for the Bulls who have plenty of time to work around a rebuild.

8. New York Knicks- Dillon Brooks

The rookie put up amazing numbers in his rookie season for the Grizz. Its incredable that every NBA team let him slide to the second round like they did. He was top 3 in scoring on a team with Mike Conley and Marc Gasol. The Knicks Fell short this past year because of their lack of depth , scoring, and defense. Brooks would have been able to fill all of those gaps.

9. Dallas Mavericks- De’Aaron Fox

The Mavs originally chose a PG, being as though Dennis Smith Jr was already taken off the board i think their best option would have been to turn to Fox.

10. Portland Trail Blazers- John Collins

When Portland chose Zach Collins with this pick i was very surprised. Zach is a great scoring big man where as John Collins or even a Jarrett Allen are very skilled defensive big men. The Blazers had plenty of scoring with CJ and Lillard, they needed defense more then anything especially out of their bigs.


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