What are the best possibilities for the Knicks in the draft this year?

The New York Knicks have landed the 9th pick in this years NBA draft. This years draft is stoked with a lot of talent in both of the first two rounds. This year the Knicks have been blessed with an early 2nd round pick along with their 9th overall pick. I feel like the Knicks have a couple of different options this year and I am very excited to see what happens.

Scenario number one would have to be we keep the number 9 pick. Although the draft class this year is deep the best of the best will more then likely  be taken in the first 6 pick.

First option: Wendell Carter is our best possibility at the 9th spot. To me he seems like one of the more NBA ready rookies in this years draft. He also plays the Power Forward position witch is a position where we will be needing a little help this season especially if Kristaps will be missing the better part of next season.

Second Option: Trae Young, he reminds me of a younger Steph Curry. He’s a great shooter, and has also verbalized that he would love to come to New York. Everyone knows I love a player that wants to be in New York. Although we would have an abundance of Point Guards on the roster, I feel like the fast past offence David Fizdale runs will allow for us to have more Guards.

Third Option: Mikel Bridges , He’s a good Wing player, Great at filing lanes and running the court. The Knicks only position they need to fill unless Kanter and Oquinn  both opt out , is Small Forward. There can be no argument that Mikel will be the best available SF by the time the 9th spot rolls around.

Scenario 2: The Knicks trade Courtney Lee, Daymen Dodson and our second round pick for the Grizzles 4th overall pick. This would give us the 4th and 9th pick in the NBA draft and would give them the power to fill two starting positions If they needed to.

First Option: Michael Porter Jr, Even though the kid has dealt with some injury issues and to some people that hurts his draft stock. I see the 2nd best small forward in the NBA draft. He’s 6’10” 210 lbs and plays like Kevin Durant. He was the Best high school player in the country only a year or so ago.

Second Option: Mohamed Bamba, The 7 foot tall Center will be exactly what the Knicks need if they lose either Enes Kanter or Kyle Oquinn in free agency this offseason. One of the top shot blockers he nation last year he will be exactly what the Knicks need on defense.

Third Option: Marvin Bagley III, I saved the best option for last. Atlanta Picks third and they need a Power Forward. They just drafted a franchise Center in John Collins and they also have a young star in Prince at the small forward. So if the Knicks get the 4th pick they may luck out and get Marvin Bagley III , The best Small forward in this years draft.


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